Volleyball players of VC "Reshetylivka-Barkom-Kazhany" became fifth in Super League-Dmart 2023-2024
Superleague Dmart

On April 20, Reshetylivka hosted the third match in a series of matches for the 5th and 6th places in the men's Super League-Dmart.

There was a confrontation between the "Security Police-ZUNU-Dynamo" (Ternopil) and the Team of Poltava Region-VC "Reshetylivka-Barkom-Kazhany".

This series of matches lasts until three victories by one of the teams.

The previous two matches were held in Ternopil and the winners were the representatives of Poltava region.

Ternopil players came to Reshetylivka with an incomplete team - the opposite Andrii Horbenko and middle blocker Artem Riazanov have minor injuries. The owners of the court were also without captain Nik Sotnik, who was injured in Ternopil, and Oleksandr Hriuk, who left the team.

Super League-Dmart 2023-2024. Men Matches for 5-6 places. Third game:

April 20 (Saturday)

The Team of Poltava region-VC "Reshetylivka-Barkom-Kazhany" - "Security Police-ZUNU-Dynamo" – 3:0 (25:19, 25:23, 25:16)

Score in a series: 3 – 0.

Starting line-up of VC "Reshetylivka-Barkom-Kazhany": Shavrak (scored 14 points), Tyshchenko (10), Polishchuk (0), Ye. Boiko (11), Osypenko (7), Kurlapov (5), Yakovliev (l).

Head coach: Serhii Sosnin.

Starting line-up of "Security Police-ZUNU-Dynamo": Mirchev (scored 14 points), Hlabai (9), Uhman (4), Kornieiev (5), Bovsunovskyi (1), Onipko (4), Mamchur (l). Substitutes: Pasazhin (0), Didukh (0), Makatuha (0).

Acting head coach: Volodymyr Mirchev.

In the opening set, the teams "aimed" and fought evenly (10:10). But then the home team took the lead thanks to the efforts of Dmytro Shavrak (5 points), Vladyslav Tyshchenko (4 points) and Yevhen Boiko (4 points) (13:11 – 17:12). It was quite easy for the Poltava players to keep the advantage and bring it to a logical conclusion - 25:19.

In the second set, Serhii Sosnin's wards were also in the lead (10:7). However, the opponents equalized the score (14:14) and before the end of the set, the teams played on equal footing (22:22). In the end, Tyshchenko launched an attack and brought his team victory in the second set in a row - 25:23.

And then the hosts decided not to delay themselves and their own fans (6:1). The Reshetylivka team attacked powerfully, blocked well, and played defense (16:11). And, in the end, they quickly finished the set - 25:16 and the game 3-0.

Borys Yakovliev, a libero from Poltava, received the MVP award.

superleague dmart

So, the Team of the Poltava region-VC "Reshetylivka-Barkom-Kazhany" took the fifth final place, and "Security Police-ZUNU-Dynamo" became the sixth.

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