President of PVLU Volodymyr Dubinsky: "We invite new people to the League"!

On April 27, in Chernivtsi, the Professional Volleyball League of Ukraine, led by its President Volodymyr Dubinsky, held a meeting with presidents and managers of clubs representing the domestic women's and men's Super League-Dmart.

At the event, the results of the current season were summed up, as well as the structure of future competitions was discussed, taking into account all the comments and mistakes of recent years.

Club representatives shared their thoughts on improving the championships. In the long and productive discussion, many interesting proposals were made that will benefit Ukrainian volleyball as a whole.

Those present received commemorative awards "For popularization and development of Ukrainian volleyball" from Volodymyr Mykhailovych.

Volodymyr Dubinsky congratulated everyone on the end of the championships and also thanked them for an interesting and busy season. In addition, Volodymyr Mykhailovych expressed confidence that the PVLU family will only increase in the future.

- We invite new people to PVLU. After all, communicating with each other, there is a feeling that volleyball in Ukraine will continue to live, that we will be able to spend the next season as well as the current one, and that we will finally feel incredible joy after the victory of our country! - said the President of PVLU.

We would like to add that the mayors of Balta and Chernivtsi - Serhii Mazur and Roman Klichuk - were also present at the meeting, who take an active part in the development of sports in the cities, in particular volleyball.

- I am grateful to the mayor of Chernivtsi, Roman Vasyliovych, for his help in holding the championships. It is especially nice that the city has two volleyball teams — the women's VC "Bukovynka" and the men's VSC "Bukovyna". We understand how difficult it is for the volleyball community, especially during wartime. Therefore, many thanks to everyone who does not leave volleyball and continues developing in this direction together with us! - concluded Volodymyr Mykhailovych.

For his part, Roman Klichuk said that in two years in Chernivtsi, they really fell for volleyball:

- We haven't had any volleyball since 2012. I remember the Budivelnyk team, which played in the Super League, but then ceased to exist. Therefore, I am grateful to those people who at one time made the decision to hold the championships in Chernivtsi. I thank you personally, Volodymyr Mykhailovych, for supporting this initiative. I am grateful to everyone who popularizes sports in such a difficult period for Ukraine. It is clear that now we are living with the events taking place at the front. However, at the same time, we should not forget about sports, which is a motivation for young people!

President of SC "Prometey" - Mariia Aleksandrova
Roman Tsykvas, director of Halychanka-ZUNUзустріч
Vitalii Lipskyi, Head of the Youth and Sports Department of the Rivne Regional State Administrationзустріч
Mayor of Balta - Serhii Mazurзустріч
The manager of "Alanta" - Olena Kozyriatska-Seredaзустріч
Serhii Usenko, director of VSK "Bukovyna"зустріч
Head coach of "Burevisnyk-ShVSM" - Roman Noskoзустріч
Serhii Kotman, director of VC Reshetylivka-Barkom-Kazhanyзустріч
President of VC "Zhytychi-Polissia" - Volodymyr Shyrmaзустріч
Leonid Mykhailov, President of the VSC "Law Academy"зустріч
President of VC "Bukovynka" - Serhii Hrynko
The head coach of VC "Dobrodiy-Meduniversitet-ShVSM" - Yuliia Yakushevaзустріч
President of the "Security Police-ZUNU-Dynamo" club - Oleh Ivashchenkoзустріч
Mykola Chumak, President of the VC "MHP-Ladyzhyn-ShVSM-Kolos".зустріч
Sports director of the club "Epicenter-Podolyany" - Kostiantyn Riabukha

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