PVLU is a powerful impulse for the development of volleyball in Ukraine

Volleyball in Ukraine is an integral part of the lives of many people - from professional athletes to amateurs and ordinary fans. One of the main components of the development of this sport was the creation of the Professional Volleyball League of Ukraine.

PVLU has an ambitious and achievable goal — to popularize volleyball among young people and take it to the international level. It should be among the top 3 playing sports in terms of popularity in Ukraine.

The initiator of the idea in 2021 was the vice-president of the Ukrainian Volleyball Federation and philanthropist Volodymyr Dubinsky, who also became the President of the PVLU. Volodymyr Mykhailovych, together with the administration of UFV, developed a business model for men's and women's elite divisions and began to look for sponsors.

Despite the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of our country, many entrepreneurs responded to the offer to support this project financially. This moment showed that the strength of Ukrainians lies in unity and in the ability to act together and rely on each other. At the same time, courage became the cornerstone of the competition concept.

- The Ministry of Digital Transformation has created the largest promotional campaign in Ukraine "Bravery - Courage", which is already known all over the world. This inspired us as well, which is why courage became the cornerstone for the concept of the Ukrainian Volleyball Championship 2022/23. Courage to play - courage to win. After all, it is a great courage for every athlete to stay in Ukraine, to continue performing at home, - explained Volodymyr Dubinsky.

Eight teams are taking part in the championship of Ukraine among men: "Epicenter-Podolyany" (Horodok), VC "Prometey" (Dnipro), VC "MHP-Vinnytsia"-ShVSM (Trostianets), "Barkom-National Team of Ukraine U-18" ( Lviv), "The team of the Poltava region. VC Reshetylivka", "Security Police-ZUNU-Dynamo" (Ternopil), VC "Zhytichi-Polissia" (Zhytomyr), VSC "Law Academy" (Kharkiv).

From the very beginning, eight teams also entered the women's championship: SC "Prometey" (Kamianske), "Alanta" (Dnipro), VC "Dobrodiy-Meduniversitet-ShVSM" (Vinnytsia), "Volynskyi Krai-Universitet" (Lutsk), SC "Balta" (Balta), "Halychanka-ZUNU" (Ternopil), National team of Ukraine U-17, National team of Ukraine U-15. However, later the total number of participants decreased because the team from Lutsk withdrew from the tournament. 

Today, PVLU is a modern hall in Chernivtsi and comfortable accommodation conditions for athletes; it is a system of video challenges and games with the participation of referees of international qualification; it is high-quality broadcasts and safety, namely, a bomb shelter prepared in accordance with all the standards.