"MHP-Ladyzhyn" ended the 2023-2024 season with a victory over "Bukovyna"
Superleague Dmart

On April 21, the final match of the play-out round and at the same time of the entire Ukrainian volleyball championship among the men's teams of the Super League-Dmart of the 2023-2024 season took place at the PVLU arena.

This match will no longer have tournament significance. Therefore, both teams simply enjoyed the game.

Super League-Dmart 2023-2024. Men. Play-out. Second round:

April 21 (Sunday)

VSC "Bukovyna" - VC "MHP-Ladyzhyn-ShVSM-Kolos" – 2:3 (25:22, 22:25, 25:27, 25:21, 20:22)

Starting line-up of VSC Bukovyna: Shchavinskyi (scored 15 points), Shteryk (16), Riabov (1), Chervatiuk (7), Svyrydov (12), Cheleniak (13), Patratii (l), Jules (l). Substitutes: Samsonov (1), Troianovskyi (13), Voitiuk (0).

Head coach: Volodymyr Orlov.

Starting line-up of VC "MHP-Ladyzhyn": Mishchenko (scored 19 points), Zelinskyi (2), Ratushniak (6), Fudar (23), Yakushenko (6), Chaban (9), Kraevskyi (l), Ivashchenko (l). Substitutes: Postanovskyi (0), Hurshal (15), Skorbatiuk (5), Lukianets (2).

Coach: Kyrylo Peredrii.

The starting set turned out to be very interesting and intense. At first, Kyrylo Peredrii's wards were in the lead (7:4), then the teams leveled the game (11:11 - 21:21). But Eduard Steryk's two aces in a row almost decided the fate of this set. Ihor Shavinskyi finished it with an attack - 25:22.

The second set ended with a similar score but is now in favor of the players of Vinnytsia. Team captain Serhii Mishchenko took on the role of the main scorer (13:10). "MHP" volleyball players were able to keep the gained advantage and equalize the score in sets - 25:22.

The residents of Vinnytsia continued to dominate even after the long break (17:14). It was noticeable that the Bukovyna could not cope with the reception (19:24). However, parity was unexpectedly established at the end. Vinnytsia volleyball players had four match points, which they could not use. A few mistakes of their own in the attack, an ace by Shchavinskyi, and we saw an even score on the scoreboard (24:24). However, "MHP" came to their senses in time - Denys Hurshal led an effective attack, and Mishchenko made a block - 27:25.

The fight started again in the fourth set (9:9 - 12:12). Chernivtsi was the first team to earn break points: Cheleniak and Svyrydov played excellently in the attack (14:12). By the way, then Cheleniak became the real leader of the team because he attacked and blocked more and more (17:12). With the rest, "Bukovyna" tied the score in sets - 25:21.

Well, in the final match of the season, a tie-break awaited us. In the fifth set, none of the teams took the lead immediately (6:6). However, when the sides of the court were changed, the people of Vinnytsia had a minimal advantage (8:6). However, the young and ambitious team from Chernivtsi was not going to give up (9:9). The representatives of Vinnytsia were the first to make a mistake: the attack and serving to the out, and Bukovyna were one step away from victory (14:12). But the match did not end there either: Mishchenko successfully attacked, and Andrii Ratushniak served an ace (14:14). And then a real men's struggle flared up until the first mistake (20:20). Mishchenko showed himself again in the attack, and his teammates blocked the opponent - 22:20 and 3-2 in the result.

The MVP award was given to Anatolii Fudar, the outside hitter of MHP.

superleague dmart

So, according to the results of the play-out round, VSC "Bukovyna" took the seventh final place, "Burevisnyk-ShVSM" became eighth with two victories, and "MHP-Ladyzhyn-ShVSM-Kolos" is ninth.

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