In the final match of the 2nd round of the Super League-Dmart, VC "Zhytychi-Polissia" defeated the team from Chernihiv
Superleague Dmart

Super League-Dmart 2023-2024

II round. November 19, 2023

"Burevisnyk-ShVSM" - VC "Zhytychi-Polissia" - 0:3 (19:25, 18:25, 20:25)

Starting line-up of "Burevisnyk-ShVSM": Nechyporuk (scored 9 points), Nikolaichuk (2), Savkiv (3), Karpenko (4), Kopych (0), Horoshko (2), Kantur (l), Piven (l). Substitutes: Berezivskyi (0), Bohush (1), Kushniriuk (0), Aleeksieienko (0), Vasiliev (0).

Head coach: Roman Nosko.

Starting line-up of VC "Zhytychi-Polissia": Shapoval (scored 2 points), Babic (5), Vilimanovich (0), Rudnytskyi (4), Luban (0), Didovic (9), Khvasta (l), Yablonskyi (l). Substitutes: Kuranov (0), Kniazev (0).

Head coach: Serhii Tereikovskyi.

The second round of the men's Super League-Dmart ended with a duel between the Zhytomyr team "Zhytychi-Polissia" and the Chernihiv "Burevisnyk-ShVSM".

As expected, the Zhytomyr team quickly dealt with their opponent and took their fourth consecutive victory.

In the opening set, Mykyta Luban was spectacular in the attack (6 points) and his partners worked well on the block (12:5 – 20:14). The head coach of "Burevisnyk" Roman Nosko made several substitutions, but they did not change the situation on the court. 25:19 in favor of VC "Zhytychi-Polissia".

In the second set, the setter of the Zhytomyr team Mykola Kuranov entrusted most of the attacks to the Bosnian Alen Didovic (6 points). He, in addition to successful actions in the attack, managed to demonstrate a good reception (83%). In this set, Zhytomyr allowed the opponent to score only 18 points.

In the third set, the northerners took the lead (3:1) for almost the first time in the match. However, the volleyball players of the Zhytomyr team quickly corrected the situation (4:4). A few mistakes by wards Roman Nosko and ace Mykyta Luban, and Zhytomyr regained its leadership (9:6). "Burevisnyk" tried to adapt to the pace of the opponent's game, but they could not cope with the more experienced players of "Zhytychy". As a result, 25:20 and 3-0 for Zhytomyr.

Mykyta Lubana received the MVP award of the match.

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