SC "Prometey" beat "Alanta" for the second time and reached the final of the Super League-Dmart
СК “Прометей” вдруге обіграв “Аланту” та вийшов у фінал Суперліги-Дмарт

Women's Super League-Dmart 2022/23

1/2 finals. 2nd match in the series

Chernivtsi Arena "PVLU". March 17, 2023

SC "Prometey" — "Alanta" 3-1 (21:25, 25:23, 25:17, 25:22)

"Alanta" lost to "Prometey" in the second semi-final match of the play-off of the national championship. Therefore, now the Dnipro team is forced to fight only for the "bronze". For their part, the "red and whites" continue their way to defend the title of the champion.

We can say that the match started with a successful video challenge requested by Denys Zui. Such moments usually add confidence to the players who are awarded points. This is one of the reasons why the beginning was precisely in favor of the Kamianske team — 8:4.

Towards the middle of the set, the Dnipro team seized the initiative. Thanks, in particular, to the successful attacks of Kateryna Silchenkova, "Alanta" took the lead - 13:14. Then we witnessed a game of nerves because the scales tilted in different directions - 18:17, 19:21. Gariy Yegiazarov's team took courage on the block and came close to winning this set. Their opponents were unable to respond to these actions - 21:25. 

In the second set, the Dnipro team, having gained a psychological advantage, organized a spurt - 1:5. Denys Zui perfectly understood that it was necessary to save the situation on the court, so he took a time-out. After the time-out, a setter Daria Velykokon began to load Oleksandra Milenko with passes more often, who in those minutes earned several important points in a row and leveled the parity - 7:7.

For a long time, no one managed to break away from the score by more than two or three points. Despite this, towards the end, a picture of who exactly should triumph here began to emerge. The "Red and Whites" made fewer mistakes and gradually got closer to victory - 20:17.

Two consecutive aces by Stanislava Parfionova gave her team hope for a comeback — 20:19. After an out in the attack of Viktoria Danchak, the numbers on the scoreboard generally became equal. And yet the last words were said by "Prometey": most likely, due to great tension and responsibility, an error during the pass by "Alanta" moved the game to the third set - 25:23.  

After a successful previous stage, the reigning champions of Ukraine played more loosely. They succeeded on serve that often knocked opponents out of the reception — 13:6. For their part, Yegiazarov's players were somewhat losing in this element, but were able to compensate for it with organized actions on the block - 16:13. However, the advantage of the Prometey team was too tangible, so there was no intrigue here — 25:17.

The first half of the next set was similar to the previous one because the players of "Prometey" dictated their terms to the Dnipro players on the court - 13:8. At a certain moment, the leaders for some reason lost momentum and allowed their rivals not only to catch up with them, but also to change roles — 16:19. In the end, the "red and whites" added on the block and, apparently, with great amount of willpower, they managed to turn the tide of the set - 25:22.

SC "Prometey": Danchak (16), Maievska (8), Milenko (21), Velykokon (2), Khober (16), Dorsman (4), Nemtseva (l) — starting line-up; Karasiova, Kotar - were substitutes.

"Alanta": Luchko (12), Parfionova (2), Silchenkova (19), Protsenko (10), Lozinska (6), Kaminska (14), Lutsenko (l) — starting line-up; Dzendzelovska — was a substitute.

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