In the match of the VIII round of the Super League-Budinvest, "Security Police" defeated "Barkom-National team of Ukraine U-18" on a tie-break
В матчі VIII туру Суперліги-Будінвест “Поліція охорони” на тай-брейку перемогла “Барком-Збірну України U-18” 

Men's Super League-Budinvest 2022-2023
VIII round. 12 match
Chernivtsi Arena "PVLU". February 5, 2023

"Security Police-ZUNU-Dynamo" (Ternopil) - "Barkom-National Team of Ukraine U-18" (Lviv) – 3:2 (23:25, 25:21, 27:25, 13:25, 15:11) 

In the final match of the eighth game week, the Super League-Budinvest outsiders "Security Police-ZUNU-Dynamo" from the city of Ternopil and the Lviv team "Barkom-National team of Ukraine U-18" met. Ternopil ranks seventh in the tournament table, while Lviv is in eighth place, respectively.

The start of the meeting was for the ambitious youth of Volodymyr Romantsov (7:3). They energetically, emotionally, and purposefully went for victory in the first set. The team from Ternopil tried to get closer to the opponent (16:16), but several times due to their own mistakes they allowed the "youngsters" to break away. In the end, with a minimal advantage, the set remained for the "National team of Ukraine U-18" - 25:23.

In the second set, the "policemen" immediately took the lead (3:0). They increased their shooting percentage thanks to the substitution of the setter. Ivan Biliuk appeared on the court, and in tandem with the opposite Andrii Horbenko, they acted almost without mistakes. 25:21 - and "Security Police" equalized the score in sets.

During the next set, the volleyball players of the "Barkom- U-18" team were in the lead almost all the time (17:14 - 21:19). However, neither the delay nor the injury of Andrii Horbenko, the main opposite player, did not confuse the Ternopil players and they simply gnawed out another set into their account - 27:25.

However, everything went according to the scenario of Volodymyr Romantsov's team (13:7). In Ternopil, on the contrary, it "fell out of hand". 25:13 and 2-2. The fate of the face-to-face match between these teams was again decided on a tie-break!

In the decisive set, "Security Police" was stronger due to incredible emotions, a great desire, and fewer mistakes - 15:11.

The opposite Artur Hanzdii became the most effective player. He brought his team 23 points and was awarded with MVP (Most Valuable Player) prize.

Starting line-up of "Security Police-ZUNU-Dynamo": Horbenko (scored 14 points), Palasiuk (9 points), Omelchenko (5 points), Prokopets (2 points), Handzii (23 points), Turyk (6 points), Mamchur ( l). The following were substitutes: Makatuha (0 points), Riazanov (1 point), Biliuk (5 points), and Uhman (8 points).

Head coach: Yurii Kravtsov.

Starting line-up of "Barkom-National Team of Ukraine U-18": Dehtiar (scored 4 points), Chervatiuk (2 points), Shteryk (17 points), Cheleniak A. (11 points), Boyko (13 points), Shchavinskyi (3 points), Dzhyl (l), Boyko M. (l). The following were substitutes: Kravchenko (0 points), Tonkonoh (3 points), Zelinskyi (1 point), Shcherbynskyi (2 points), Svyrydov (17 points), Kulynchenko (0 points).

Head coach: Volodymyr Romantsov.

The last place in the standings is now occupied by the "Barkom-National Team of Ukraine U-18", the Ternopil club is seventh.

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