In the match of the 3rd round of the Super League-Dmart, "Prometey" took revenge on "Epicenter" for the defeat in the Super Cup

On Monday, December 4, the central match of the III round of the Super League-Dmart volleyball championship of Ukraine took place at the PVLU arena.

In it, the current champion of the country VC "Prometey" (Dnipro) and the winner of the Super Cup of Ukraine-2023 "Epicenter-Podolyany" (Horodok) met. 

Super League-Dmart 2023-2024

III round. December 4, 2023

VC "Prometey" - "Epicenter-Podolyany" - 3:0 (25:21, 25:20, 27:25)

The starting line-up of "Epicenter-Podolyany": Jorna (scored 6 points), Tervaporti (2), Finger (9), Koval (1), Smoliar (8), Kisiliuk (4), Fomin (l), Zhukov (l). Substituted: Sydorenko (2), Drozd (7), Nalozhnyi (4), Uryvkin (1).

Head coach: Mauricio Paes.

Starting line-up of VC "Prometey": Viietskyi (scored 16 points), Shchytkov (4), Shapoval (7), Veletskyi (3), Yereshchenko (18), Stankovich (11), Boiko (l). Substitutes: Yanchuk (0), Yevstratov (0), Brova (0).

Head coach: Andrii Levchenko.

A tense and, of course, principled match was expected.

Both teams entered the game cautiously, trying not to make mistakes to prevent the opponent from taking the lead (5:5). The Dnipro players were the first to earn a break point: Ian Yereshchenko served an ace (7:6), and then the Podolyany made several mistakes in the attack themselves (10:7). The advantage of "Prometey" was increased by Dmytro Shapoval, who in today's match played as a central blocker (21:17). His ace with a speed of 117 km/h left no chance for the Podolyany. In the end, 25:21 and 1-0 in favor of the national champion.

In the second set, there was also an equal struggle at first (7:7). "Epicenter" volleyball players were able to get ahead (10:8). The coach of the "red-and-white" team took a time-out, after which his wards made three consecutive blocks (13:10), and Dmytro Viietsky increased his advantage thanks to aces (19:10). His partners effectively helped in the attack and did everything to finish this set in their favor - 25:20.

After a long break, "Prometey" broke out into the leaders first (7:1). The serve of the Serbian legionnaire Mihajlo Stankovic turned out to be very difficult for the opponent. However, the "bisons" showed true fighting spirit and were able to close the gap (10:10). Then the fight flared up again (15:15 – 25:25), which went beyond the traditional 25 points. "Prometey" volleyball players had a better ending: Dmytro Viietskyi implemented the attack, and Ian Yereshchenko set a block - 27:25 and 3-0 in the end.

The most productive player was Ian Yereshchenko (18 points). He received the MVP award.

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