"LKS Lodz" — SC "Prometey": the Ukrainians put up a fight, but again lost to the Poles in the Champions League 2024

Champions League 2024 (Women)

Group E. 4th round. December 5

Łódź Poland

"LKS Lodz" — SC "Prometey 3-2 (25:23, 22:25, 28:26, 23:25, 15:10)

Starting line-up of SC "Prometey": Meliushkina (5), Dorsman (c) (17), Bukman (4), Milenkovic (12), Drpa (30), Sharhorodska (6), Niemtseva (l), Vasylieva (l). Substitutes: Danchak, Khober (15).

In the 4th round of the 2024 Champions League group stage, the Ukrainians lost to the Polish team on a tie-break. Thus, "LKS Lodz" beat "Prometey" for the second time in this competition.

Ivan Petkov's wards felt quite comfortable at the start of the match. Daria Sharhorodska's spectacular spike and Melisa Bukmen's effective shot helped our athletes lead the score (3:5).

Despite the above, the Poles were not lost. Aleksandra Dudek's powerful service, which leveled the parity, was an additional confirmation of that. Soon, Valentina Diouf "covered" Bojana Milenkovic and brought her team forward (11:10). This moment probably became one of the turning points in the first set (16:12).

However, the "red-and-whites" did return to the game: first, Marta Drpa's block-out reduced the gap to a minimum, and later Bojana paid her rival's debt for the previous episode, blocking her shot (19:19). Unfortunately, at the end of the set, fortune smiled on the owners of the court - 25:23.

The players of "Prometey" cheerfully started the next set (2:4). The Ukrainians did not immediately manage to develop local success (8:6). However, Alessandro Chiappini's wards were not especially stable in the attack. Therefore, our volleyball players not only regained their previous advantage but also increased it to four points (9:13).

The "red and whites" found a weak point at the reception in the face of Amanda Francisco. Because of that, the "LKS" coach decided to substitute her with Julita Pjasetska. However, the latter did not fundamentally affect the situation in defense - another ace of our setter (14:20). Of course, the Poles could not overcome such a handicap - 22:25.

In the third set, Marta Drpa and Yevheniia Khober often found themselves at the center of attention. By the way, the Ukrainian outside hitter successfully entered the game from the bench in the previous game as well. At the equator, the home team made a spurt and forced Petkov to take a time-out (12:9). It worked because the score on the scoreboard became equal again (13:13).

After some time, two successful actions of the already mentioned Khober gave the fans of "Prometey" hope that today we will be able to take at least one point, not to mention the overall victory (16:18). The final minutes of the set were tense, where in the end the representatives of Poland more or less triumphed. It's a pity because the Ukrainians led 22:24 and in general did not realize three set balls - 28:26.

The next segment was also marked by an equal and uncompromising struggle (6:6, 9:9). Then, for some time, our athletes did not have time to block the opponent's attacks. However, thanks to Marta Drpa's high performance, they continued to keep the pace of the match (18:18). Once again, the teams presented the most intriguing set, which this time ended with the victory of the "red and whites" - 23:25.

It could not be otherwise: in such an equal confrontation, the winner had to be decided on a tie-break. There was not without a controversial episode: with the score 6:7 in favor of "Prometey", the referees gave a point to the home team in an ambiguous moment. Of course, this affected the psychological state of the Ukrainians, who scored only three points after that - 15:10.

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