"Law Academy" became the fourth semi-finalist of the Super League-Budinvest
“Юракадемія” стала четвертим півфіналістом Суперліги-Будінвест

Super League-Budinvest 2022-2023

Playoffs. 1/4 of the final. 4-5 places. The third game

Chernivtsi Arena "PVLU". March 12, 2023

VC "MHP-Vinnytsia-ShVSM" - VSC "Law Academy" – 1:3 (23:25, 18:25, 25:17, 17:25)

The first match – 0:3.

The second match – 3:1.

Score in the series: 1-2.

On Sunday, the last semi-finalist of the Ukrainian volleyball championship among the men's teams of the Super League-Budinvest of the 2022-2023 season was to be decided. In a fierce duel, the fourth and fifth teams according to the results of the "regular" match - VC "MHP-Vinnytsia-ShVSM" and VSK "Law Academy".

The first confrontation ended in favor of the Kharkiv team (3:0), the second match was incredibly tense, and, as a result, the MHP volleyball players literally beat out their victory (3:1), equalizing the score in the quarter-final series.

The start of the match went in favor of "Law Academy": everything went according to their script (10:5). However, the players of Vinnytsia fought to the last point against the pressing of the hosts of the site (13:13 – 23:23). In the decisive moment, the captain of "MHP" Bohdan Tatarenko made two mistakes in the attack - first he hit the out, and then he hit the block – 23:25.

In the second set, the players of Kharkiv continued their winning streak (10:5). "Lawyers" confidently dominated the court of the "PVLU" arena, demonstrating powerful attacking volleyball (13:6 - 17:7). It was impossible to reduce such a gap. 25:17 in favor of Serhii Kovalenko's team.

The third set was not the last in this match: at first, it was an equal struggle (7:7 – 10:10). But the players of Vinnytsia realized their mistakes at the right moment, gathered all their will and strength, and performed an enchanting ending to the set (18:16 – 20:16). As a result, 25:17 in favor of "MHP" and 1-2 in sets.

Then the fight started again (5:5). But with one successful attack by Viktor Shapoval, the opposite of the "lawyers" and two mistakes by Danylo Uryvkin, his opponent from "MHP", and the scoreboard was already 8:5 in favor of the Kharkiv team. In the end, it was quite easy for Serhii Kovalenko's team to keep this advantage: Vinnytsia continued to make mistakes in the attack, while Kharkiv, on the contrary, realized all the attempts. The players of "Law Academy" quickly scored the necessary 25 points and finished the decisive match in their favor – 25:17 and 3-1.

The most productive player was Viktor Shapoval (17 points) the opposite of "Law Academy".

The MVP award went to the setter of the Kharkiv team Illia Polishchuk.

Starting line-up of VC "MHP-Vinnytsia-ShVSM": Stebletskyi (scored 4 points), Mishchenko (14 points), Ratushniak (4 points), Velychko (7 points), Uryvkin (15 points), Tatarenko (9 points), Pampushko (l). Substitutes: Ivashchenko (0 points), Lukianets (1 point), Yakushenko (3 points), Chaban (1 point).

Head coach: Kostiantyn Riabukha.

Starting line-up of VSC "Law Academy": Arbuzov (scored 12 points), Sukhinin (14 points), Tereshchuk (6 points), Shapoval (17 points), Polishchuk (2 points), Plotnik (3 points), Perekhodniuk (l). Substitutes: Antonenko (2 points), Antoniuk (6 points), Dehtiar (0 points), Stepovyi (0 points).

Head coach: Serhii Kovalenko.

VSC "Law Academy" became the fourth semi-finalist of the Super League-Budinvest and in the 1/2 finals will play against the current champion of the country "Epicenter-Podolyany".

And VC "MHP-Vinnytsia-ShVSM" will compete for 5-8 places with "Security Police", "National Team of Ukraine U-18" and "Reshetylivka".

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