The eighth round of the Super League-Dmart ended with a strong-willed victory of "Prometey" over "National Team of Ukraine U-17"
Восьмий тур Суперліги-Дмарт завершився вольовою перемогою "Прометея" над "Збірною України U-17"

Women's Super League-Dmart

8th round. 9 match.

Chernivtsi. "PVLU" Arena. January 29.

"National team of Ukraine U-17" - SC "Prometey" - 2:3 (27:25, 32:30, 22:25, 4:25, 11:15).

"National team of Ukraine U-17": Polina Herasymchuk (5 points), Veronika Tverda (4), Kateryna Zhylinska (15), Bohdana Hrytsyk (22), Valeriia Kravchenko (9), Marharyta Heiko (19), Mariia Drapak (L) - starting line-up; Veronika Peknych (1), Mariia Nakoskina (3), Anastasiia Nedilko (0), Sofiia Khrystenko (0), Daria Makarova (L), Oleksandra Molchanova (6).

SC "Prometey": Polina Dziuba (16), Dariia Kaplanska (10), Mariia Kaplanska (2), Kristina Starostenko (8), Anastasiia Horbachenko (3), Kateryna Cherkashyna (2), Kateryna Vasylieva (L) - starting line-up; Danute Stravinskaite (6), Uliana Kotar (9), Olena Rudyk (3), Marta Fedyk (15), Yana Prokopova (L).

The game program of the 8th round of the Super League-Dmart was closed by the match between the "National Team of Ukraine U-17" and "Prometey". The previous results of the national team in this tour were not positive. Therefore, today they urgently needed rehabilitation.

It is not surprising that the opponents came out fully ready for the game, which became one of the highlights of the tour. In the opening quarter, it was not easy to give preference to someone. For the most part, "Prometey" led the score, but Andrii Romanovych's team managed to create a comfortable gap from the opponent only at the beginning of the second half of the set - 16:11. However, the "national players" were able to strengthen their game at the most necessary moment and equalized the score - 19:19, 20:20. The end of the set was "hot". The players of Volodymyr Podkopaev's team won two set points at once, and then in one breath they were stronger in the "more or less" game. Marharyta Heiko scored the decisive point for "National Team of Ukraine U-17" with a powerful shot from the 4th zone.

The failure in the first set in a sports way angered "Prometey", and from the start of the next one the team from Kamianske established leadership in the score - 5:2, 11:7. However, the "national team" again demonstrated that they are capable of holding the punches and took a 5:0 lead. At the end of the set, Volodymyr Podkpoaiev's team was very close to celebrating success again, having scored the necessary 25 points. They created two set points for themselves at once but lost the chances. In the second set in a row, the winner was determined in the "more-less" game. It turned out to be the "National Team of Ukraine U-17" again. This time, for success, they needed to score 32 points at once. Again, Marharyta Heiko's attack was decisive in the set.

In the debut of the third set, there were the same "swings" on the court. But at the equator of the set, a gap of 4 points was created by "Prometey" - 13:9. Once again, in this match, "National Team of Ukraine U-17" eliminated a significant deficit, and quite quickly (14:14). However, after that, Volodymyr Podkopaiev's team failed to develop its local success. Basically, "Prometey" used the last chance to "get back in the game" - 25:22 in favor of the Kamianske team.

Andrii Romanovych's team was leading the score in the fourth set as well. In its first half, the advantage of the team from Kamianske was 4 points (10:6). Then the players of "Prometey" increased their advantage and tied the score by the sets - 2:2.

"National team of Ukraine U-17" had to play five sets for the second time in this round. It is likely that the younger players simply did not have enough strength at the end of this exciting match. "Prometey" started the set very powerfully - 6:0, 9:2. This handicap was enough to win both the set (15:11) and the match in general (3:2).

Today's success allowed "Prometey" to score 41 points in the championship. The National Team of Ukraine has 17 scoring points.

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