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"Volynskyi Krai" — "Balta": post-match press conference of representatives of the Volyn club

The "Volynskyi Krai-Universitet" team is the "bronze" prize-winner of the Prometey Open 2022 volleyball tournament. In the match for third place, the Lutsk players defeated the representatives of "Balta". Iryna Sobchuk and Viktor Turkula shared their impressions after the victory.

Iryna Sobchuk, middle blocker of "Volynskyi Krai-Universitet":

- Regarding the game, we adjusted. We knew that "Balta" is an interesting team that will try to prove something. We wanted to beat them and we did it. It was not easy, but it was our own fault. They relaxed a little, but gathered themselves in time and won.

You returned to volleyball after a long absence. Your impressions?

- It's great, we had a pre-season meeting. We passed it well. We are very glad that there is this tournament. Thanks to the organizers. Everything is perfectly done. I thought maybe there would be some overexcitement, but no. It's a volleyball holiday, we missed it a lot and we really want to play!

Viktor Turkula, head coach of "Volynskyi Krai-Universitet":

- There was a result in all the sets in which we served. Somewhere they loosened up - I don't know what the reason is, that they adjusted equally to all teams. What is the reason is that we play one set and do not play the second. We serve - we do not serve. And everything depends on the serve: the block will appear, defense and confidence will appear. The reason - we will figure it out. Participation in the tournament is a big plus for all teams. There were no tournaments for a long time. Everyone knows why we did not finish the championship. This is very cool for everyone. More and more often such tournaments before the championship.